What Does it Mean to be Accepted?

Updated: 5 days ago

Growing up being visually impaired, I often times ask this question, “what does it mean to be accepted?” I wake up, take my own bath, put own my own clothes, and walk out the door, and began to look for acceptance. Majority of the time I would never get any so I would sit to myself and ponder on why am I so different.

As I get older, it became numb to me; so what I didn’t get picked to play hide and seek, so what I wasn’t that good in basketball, so what I wasn’t cool enough to go places with the cool kid. People with disabilities often times ask themselves these same questions or think this, and begin to ponder like I did. We are not different than anybody else. We just have superpowers, that others don’t have.

In the Marvel movies did Iron Man think he was better than The Hulk, or Thor? They were different, but with unique powers that they only could use. That’s how we are, each and every day, we have unique powers that only we can possess, but that doesn’t make us less than anyone else.

So, I ask, what does it mean to be accepted? To me, it means being your authentic self, not caring what others feel about you, what others think about you, or their take on how you maneuver every day. Continue to shine bright like a diamond! You were born on purpose.


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