The Champion Within

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At age of 6 being diagnosed with a rare eye disease, that left me visually impaired, had me

pushed back against the ropes. I had to quickly find the champion with in myself. I had to learn to get into the ring and fight, being in school, and not having the right support, made me realize if I was going to win, I had to learn how to fight.

The first thing I did, was put my gloves on tighter, and begin to fight. It was very hectic, growing I had so many punches thrown at me, it was too many to block. I’m talking about depression, bullying, rejection, lack of support, I couldn’t even get my hands up in time to block anything, so what I did I put my gloves on tighter, and the rounds were about to get to longer, but I know in order to win I had to fight. See being uniquely gifted we have to fight every day, we have to fight off the negativity, the not so funny jokes, lack of finding the right job, it gets hard in the ring call life. In those situations what do you, you began to defend your opponent, fear, depression, bullying, rejection, lack of support, no friends, not being wanted, feeling left. All those things we have to begin to block if we want to win. We all have the power and strength to overcome any adversity, and challenge that come our way, we just have to believe, and know our inner self.

I remember I used to be scared to come around people because they used to joke my vison, or joke how low my eyes are, you know the saying sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you, yeah that’s a lie, because the jokes, and the hurtful words hurt me. I remember watching boxing and when bell rung the fighter took his stance, and chin up, and what that meant he is letting his opponent know he is not scared of anything that he is about to thrown his way. I took the same lesson and applied it to my situation and life, I stop allowing fear to overtake me, yet I went and overtook fear. Being uniquely gifted is a gift, and we are all champions, no matter what you were diagnosed with or may have there is a champion inside you.

Keep Fighting

Arthur Mitchell

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